Audrina Skye Gets Her Revenge on Jacky Joy
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Starring the following models:
"It's Audrina Skye's turn to be in charge!"

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Total size:362.27 MB
Total runtime:16.2 minutes
Date added:8/10/10
Production year:2010
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So now it's time for Audrina Skye to get her revenge on Jacky Joy! But, not so fast. Jacky has one more thing up her sleeve first. She dumps a huge tub of bright blue batter all over Audrina. Jacky just loves having a meek little gal to have fun with, and can't help but rub Audrina all over, kissing and licking her tits and rubbing that sweet little "virgin" (well, wam virgin) pussy of hers. Jacky keeps pouring batter over Audrina's head, rubbing her body and kissing her until Audrina decides it's time for Jacky to get some messy action.

Audrina can't wait to get Jacky's tits out of her tight camisole, and rubs them with thick and gooey chocolate batter. Jacky loves the attention and starts rubbing her pussy, getting turned on immediately. Jacky really loves getting off while sploshing. Audrina then slops more chocolate batter over Jacky's head, letting it run down over her face and massaging it all over Jacky's body.

Jacky then takes off those pesky panties for better access because Audrina hands her a thick vibrating cock to fuck.

Jacky takes her time with the dildo, pounding away while Audrina keeps the chocolate coming, rubbing and massaging Jacky the entire time. When Jacky knows she's about to cum, she counts down from 10 so you can join her in the climax, since by now you should be getting off yourself! When she gets to one she cums for you, and gives Audrina a thank you kiss.

This video is super hot, and full of girl on girl action to make you want to cum over and over again.

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362.27 MB
16.2 minutes

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