Ashley Loves Pancakes in the Morning
Starring the following model:
"Ashley gets pancakes, but doesn't get to eat them."

Hot little Ashley is in the mood for pancakes drenched in syrup, and asks her roommate to make some for her. He misunderstands, and brings her a huge bowl of pancake batter. She wants to eat pancakes, but he just wants to totally mess her up with batter and syrup.

Pancake batter is dumped over her head, making a mess out of her hair, yellow tee and hot pink shorts, not to mention her bed! After the batter comes the syrup to make her a sticky, sweet treat.

Ashley takes off her top so she can get more batter and syrup on her gorgeous tits. Then off come the shorts to reveal her cute little polka dot panties. She lays on the bed to get covered even more.

Those panties don't stay on long, though! As she lays on the bed completely naked more and more pancake batter and syrup is dumped on her. She is loving this, and rubs everything all over her perfect, tight body.

What a great way to enjoy pancakes!

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