Kaylee Tries Pie Sitting for the First Time
Starring the following model:
Kaylee decides she wants to do a little bit of self-wamming, so she gets a couple pies, loads them up with whipped cream, and plops herself on top of them.

Kayle is wearing a cute little schoolgirl outfit, complete with knee-high socks. She has a bright pink sequined thong on that gets totally trashed with pie.

The first pie is a bright blue cream pie. She loads a can of whipped cream on top, sets it on a stool, and smushes down on it. She smears the pie all over her panties, making quite a nice mess. Here and there she teases you by pulling the panties to the side so you can get a glimpse of her tight little pussy.

She then grabs a yellow pie for some more fun. Another can of whipped cream is piled on top, and she plops down on it. She smears more pie around, and dumps some into her panties so she can squish it around in there. After lots of rubbing and squishing, she grabs more whipped cream to top it off. She also squeezes the pie all through her hands, letting it ooze out through her fingers.

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