Megan's Yogurt Masturbation in Bed
Starring the following model:
"Megan wakes up to a messy, naughty breakfast in bed."

If you've been waiting to see a dildo inside Megan's tight pussy, this is your lucky day!

This was Megan's first time ever doing something like this on camera. She's an amateur model who is not experienced at all, so you are seeing a really special treat here!

This HD 12:35 video starts off with Megan waking up in bed, then gathering something to play with: milk, yogurt, cereal, bananas and a dildo or two. She goes down on the banana, giving it some loving head with her lips wrapped around the shaft. Then she pours the frigid milk over her tits and then her head.

Grabbing the dildo we gave her, Megan found it too large to fit inside her freezing snatch. We quickly whipped out a slimmer, dark blue glass dildo and before you know it, she had it inside her. It's really nice watching her covered in milk and fucking herself with that toy. Some nice closeups and staring into the camera.

Then she starts rubbing the yogurt all over her body, face and hair. Very sexy! She fucks herself with the dildo a bit more then sprinkles the crunchy, colorful cereal all over body to finish.

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Reviews from Paying Customers:

"Megan at her best."
This, much like the baby oil and chocolate batter video, is a more adult WAM video, with Megan using sex toys to pleasure herself and use some yogurt (and what i think was milk) to make the video even more enjoyable. I was actually very surprised how much I liked this video, from the 'getting out of bed' to the banana moment, the pouring of milk and smearing the yogurt over herself ending with some yogurt being poured over Megan's head. It really got me very pleasantly excited, for a video i wasn't sure about. This video I highly recommend to people. It's sexy and clever. Megan's expressions are amazing, and it's been cleverly put together as an idea. Basic, yet brilliant. My rating 5/5 HCW7, 8/4/14
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