Super Spy Megan Gets Busted and Pays the Price
Starring the following model:
"We spy something we like in Megan"

The acting is horrible, but the messiness and sexiness are off the charts in this HD video from

ok, we tried to do some more creative video in this shoot and we hope you like it. Megan plays a super agent spy who is trying to break in, but of course we catch her!

She's wearing a sexy pink trenchcoat, dark shades, and a black hat. Her hair is all done up gorgeous and curled, waiting for us to mess her up.

We force her to her knees and grab her head with our hands to dunk her face-first into the "secret project" that she had come to steal from us (a bowl of thick green gunge).

We make her strip, revealing a sexy purple and black bra with black panties. We bark orders at her, telling her to "lean back" and take the bucket of mess right onto her.

Then off comes the bra, revealing those gorgeous tits of hers. Toward the end of the scene, Megan does a horrible job of "dying" on the floor, before we pour it over her entire body to finish her off.

And just when you think Megan is gone, she smiles and says, "I love when you do that to me, baby. Splosh me!" revealing that it was all in fun.

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"Megan is simply the best... in any WAM situation"
I love this as it's very different. A bit like a scenario situation. Megan is the spy, the spy gets her comeuppance. It's fantastic and simple. I love the yellow gunge (custard?). My only niggle with this is it's a guy in the background. Not a fan of guys appearing in the videos with the girls (even if it is just a background appearance). That aside, this movie is well worth the purchase. Did I mention it's Megan, and anything with Megan is super hot? Nope? Well, I'll just say that Megan is super hot and you should definitely purchase this video, my rating 4/5. HCW7, 8/4/14
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